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The Centrify Factor. Benefits Above and Beyond

Centrify can lay claim to ground-breaking technology, but technology alone isn’t enough. Building a world-class company for the long haul also means offering future-proven solutions, assuring return on investment, ease of use, customer happiness and earning recognition from the industry.

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Pioneering Innovation

From its inception, Centrify has revolutionized the Privileged Access Management market, introducing many industry-firsts and leading the way of securing the modern enterprise against today’s main cause of data breaches ― privileged access abuse. As visionary, customers enjoy the advantage of having access to best-of-breed capabilities that leapfrog alternative products on an ongoing basis, while being able to contribute to the product roadmap as valued advisors.

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Built for the Cloud

Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services are built for the cloud from the ground up, while supporting on-premises as well as hybrid environments. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services deliver the flexibility and efficiency that simply isn’t possible with a legacy Privileged Access Management approach, which often was based on an appliance deployment.

Flexible Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment Options

At Centrify, we understand that not all companies are equal and that their business needs and ways on how they want to consume software might vary widely. In turn, we believe in offering our customers a variety of choices when it comes to deploying the Centrify Privileged Access Service and underlying Centrify Platform. Centrify provides different flavors of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as well as customer-managed deployment options ― whatever choice you make, you can rely on Centrify to meet your expectations for ease of deployment, ease of use, high availability, and high scalability.

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Built for Scale

Privileged access not only covers infrastructure, databases and network devices, but is extended to cloud environments, it includes big data projects, it must be automated for DevOps, and it now needs to cover hundreds of containers or microservices to represent what used to be a single server. Centrify covers the broadest range of attack surfaces and supported platforms in the market to allow you to grow with emerging needs. Leveraging a smart connector framework and advanced machine learning technology, Centrify easily handles privileged access workloads of modern, global enterprises.

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Ease of Use and Operations

At Centrify we’re conscious that the initial procurement costs are just part of the overall cost when implementing a Privileged Access Management solution. Thus, our deployment architecture accounts for scalability and ease of maintenance. Upgrades should not stop you in your tracks and require operational budgets far beyond your initial investment. Should a question arise, our technical experts are always reachable and assure a timely response.

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Trusted Partner

Those who run the world, run Centrify Zero Trust Privilege. Trusted by over half of the Fortune 100, the world’s largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies, Centrify offers the most complete Privileged Access Security solution in the market.

In addition, we enjoy strong partnerships with key technology vendors such as AWS, Apple, Docker, EMC, HashiCorp, Hortonworks, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Red Hat, SailPoint and ServiceNow.

Centrify benefits, industry recognition, Leader in Gartner PAM & Forrester Wave for PIM

Industry Recognition

Centrify has been honored recipient of many awards from the industry community, including Gartner Peer Insight Customer Choice, One World Identity Top Ten Identity & Access Management Vendor and Frost & Sullivan North American Product Leadership Award.

Centrify Identity-Centric PAM

Secure Privileged Access with a Radically Different Approach

Grant least privilege access based on verifying who is requesting access, the context of the request, and the risk of the access environment.

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