why Centrify

Why Centrify

Our mission is to stop the leading cause of breaches — privileged access abuse.

Why choose Centrify for PAM security software solutions?

Redefining the Fabric of Privileged Access Management

Centrify is leading toward a future where least privilege controls are automated and seamlessly integrated into business disciplines like DevOps, keeping companies secure as they digitally transform and innovate.


Think Beyond a Password Vault

Organizations may consider approaching Privileged Access Management (PAM) by solely implementing password vaults, leaving gaps that can easily be exploited. Centrify PAM, founded on Zero Trust principles, combines the two critical elements of PAM - password vaulting and privilege elevation – to mitigate your risk of a data breach. But it doesn’t stop there. Centrify PAM adds additional value important to modern, hybrid IT use cases, such as brokering of identities, multi-factor authentication, behavioral analytics, just-in-time access request workflow, secure remote access, session monitoring and recording, and a cloud-native architecture designed to support multi-VPC and multi-cloud deployments.

If your data migration projects call for a modern PAM that aligns with Zero Trust and zero standing privileges, look no further.


Go from Zero to Hero with Centrify

At Centrify, Privileged Access Management is all we do, allowing us to give our customers undivided attention and deliver innovative, battle-proven and fastest time-to-value solutions that cover our customers’ ever-expanding attack surface.


The Best Value in Complete Privileged Access Security

Organizations may consider approaching Privileged Access Management by solely implementing shared account and password vaults , leaving gaps that can easily be exploited. Centrify PAM combines password vaulting with brokering of identitiesmulti-factor authentication enforcement and “just enough” privilege, all while securing remote access and monitoring of all privileged sessions. This approach makes Centrify the most complete Privileged Access Security solution in the market.

Customers Say It Best

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Ready to Protect Against the #1 Attack Vector?

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