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Centrify Free Tier Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access for Administrators

Whether out of necessity or convenience, the ability for employees to work from home or remotely is a requirement that all businesses are facing. Most have, rightly so, prioritized securing remote access controls for all employees to be productive and secure no matter where they are.

But what about administrators and other privileged users who have access to critical infrastructure and data? Granting remote administrators privileged access to your infrastructure introduces risk, whether they are employees, outsourced IT, vendors, or managed service providers. VPNs provide a troublesome user experience and don’t enable least privilege, giving access to an entire sub-net of machines thus enabling lateral movement.

At Centrify we’re committed to helping you establish secure remote privileged access to reduce risk. Centrify enables authentication for internal and outsourced IT users through your existing centralized directory services without requiring a VPN, providing granular control over who is accessing critical infrastructure. The best part: secure, remote access to servers, network devices, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is included with Centrify’s Privileged Access Service, not as an add-on or extra fee.

To assist in today’s challenging times, we are offering free use of Centrify’s Privileged Access Service for up to 50 systems through the AWS Marketplace.

By subscribing to Centrify Privileged Access Service on AWS Marketplace, you can secure access to your hybrid infrastructure and start on your path towards Identity-Centric PAM. Your subscription gives you access to the following capabilities:

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Secure Remote Access

Provide IT administration teams, outsourced IT and third-party vendors with secure, granular access to infrastructure resources regardless of location and without a virtual private network (VPN).

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Secure Administrative Access Via Jump Box

Access should only be achieved via approved Privilege Admin Consoles, including web-based, native client or thick client access to systems via a Server Gateway that serves as a distributed jump box.

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Access Request & Approval Workflow

Eliminate static and long-lived privilege grants. Govern temporary access to roles that grant privilege, shared account credentials and remote sessions with self-service access request and approvals.

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Reinforced Security Policies With MFA

Integration with Centrify Privileged Access Service allows a consistent and easily maintainable MFA service for ALL privileged access, whether at system or vault login or during privilege elevation.

cloud based vault

Cloud-Based Vault

Discover and register all machines, then vault all shared, alternate admin and service accounts as well as secrets. Access to those accounts is then brokered for users, services and applications.

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Credential Management

Secure, auto-rotate after checkout, and control access to passwords, SSH keys and privileged credentials based on policy to prevent cyber-attacks and meet audit and compliance requirements.

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Brokered Authentication

Extend enterprise authentication to Amazon EC2 instances or cloud resources by brokering authentication to your choice of directory services, eliminating local identity silos or duplicate directories.

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