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OCTOBER 9, 2018

Centrify to Focus on Zero Trust Privilege, Spins out IDaaS Business as Idaptive

Centrify announces the spinout of its IDaaS business into a new company called Idaptive to better serve its customers and partners.

Centrify and Idaptive will operate as independent, affiliated companies beginning in January 2019. This strategy doubles down on two distinct areas of enterprise security – Privileged Access Management and IDaaS – with dedicated resources to optimize focus, efficiency and growth.

  • Centrify is sharpening its strategic focus on redefining the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) with cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege to stop the leading cause of breaches – privileged access abuse.
  • Idaptive will deliver Next-Gen Access to protect employees, partners and customers with its market-leading IDaaS solution, securing access everywhere with an Intelligent Access Cloud that constantly learns from and adapts to login context and risk in a way that protects companies.

We’re committed to clearly and consistently communicating this news to our customers, partners, and employees, so there are a lot of communications going out starting today:

For details, please contact your Centrify Account representative.


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