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Announcements of On-Going Interest

November 3, 2017

Announcing the New Product Documentation Portal

Today we are implementing the first phase of a product documentation redesign. In this first phase, we have launched the Product Documentation portal, a new home page for all our documentation. From that home page you can go to administrator help, by service, for each service that is part of the Centrify Identity Services platform. You can also connect to user portal help and developer documentation. You will see more and more changes in the months to come as we phase in the redesign to every part of our extensive documentation set.

Improvements and benefits:

  • Modern and user-friendly design
  • Revised product categories to align with new product names
  • Improved Search experience within administrator and user documentation
  • New and improved developer documentation portal with its own focused Search
Centrify Product Documentation Portal

A few tips during the phasing-in of the redesign:

Search: To search all administrator and user documentation, use the Search in the home page. To search developer documentation, go to the developer documentation portal before searching.

Window behavior: Content that’s still in the old design, as well as the new developer site, will open in a new window. Opening in new windows will happen less often over time with administrator and user documentation, as more and more of that documentation is migrated into the new design.

To send us feedback: Click the email icon on any page of our documentation to tell us about that page or to send feedback about your experience with our design or this transition period as we continue to migrate and improve our documentation. You can also email our documentation team. We welcome your feedback, however you communicate it!

October 31, 2017

Announcing the New and Improved Centrify University

Centrify is extremely proud to announce our new and improved Centrify University. Centrify Application Services customers have recently received an email invitation to participate in the free self-paced eLearning service that is now included with the Application Services subscription.

Some features and benefits are:

  • Short, step-by-step self-paced eLearnings for Application Services core features
  • Demonstrations and how-to videos
  • Gamification system rewards learners with points and badges
  • Downloadable Hands-On Exercise Guides and Student Guides
  • New Courses added often

Learners who complete courses in a series can earn points and badges!  Get started today and we will see YOU on the Leaderboard!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

October 23, 2017

Announcing Availability of S/390x Support for Centrify Infrastructure Services 2017.2

Centrify is pleased to announce the availability of S/390x support for customers who are running Centrify Infrastructure Services 2017.2 (formerly Centrify Server Suite). The software can be downloaded from the Customer Download Center. Please make sure you are using the binaries that match your OS platform. For more information about Centrify Infrastructure Services 2017.2, please refer to the What’s New announcement here.

October 21, 2017

What's New in Centrify Cloud 17.9

New Application Services Features:

  • Linked Applications
  • PCI Compliance Update for MFA
  • Improved UX for MFA Response Through RADIUS
  • Ability to Rename Roles

New Endpoint Services Features:

  • Configurable LAPM Password Rotation
  • Password Generation Profile for Mac
  • Password Checkout Error Handling

New Infrastructure Services Features:

  • Infrastructure Factory: Check Point GAiA™
  • Scheduled Discovery
  • Account-level Checkout Lifetime Override
  • Linux Agent: Password Checkout for Database and Domain
  • ServiceNow – Privileged Access Request (Domain + Database)

New Analytics Features:

  • New Factor - Account
  • Faster User Experience

For details see Centrify Cloud 17.9 Release Notes.

September 21, 2017

Centrify Provides Day Zero Support for macOS High Sierra

Centrify is pleased to continue its tradition of offering customers immediate support for the latest macOS operating system. An updated version (5.4.2) of the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac  (now part of Centrify Endpoint Services for Mac) is available today for macOS High Sierra.

Refer to the macOS High Sierra Support Resources Page for everything you need to successfully implement Centrify Endpoint Services for Mac with macOS 10.13.

Read the Centrify for macOS 10.13 Release Notes for a list of changes and known issues.

For further assistance, please contact Centrify Support.

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