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August 27, 2018

What's New in Centrify 18.8

New Centrify Application Services Features:
  • Dome9 SAML App in the App Catalog
  • Password Complexity and History Enhancements
  • Centrify Browser Extension Enhancements
New Centrify Infrastructure Services Features:

Linux and UNIX
  • Privileged command rights for dzdo check digest (hash) of executable file
  • New cifsidmap plug-in to map Active Directory users and groups to Zone-enabled UIDs/GIDs in CIFS
  • New privilege elevation support for Microsoft Privilege Access Management for Active Directory
  • New support for caching-only DNS server environments
  • Commands linked with the MIT Kerberos library can now inter-operate with the Centrify KCM service
  • Support for 2-way forest trust relationships when the forests are firewalled
  • Pre-staged cache support for very fast machine provisioning in automatedenvironments
  • Gateway and host audit coordinate to eliminate duplicate and housekeeping session recordings
  • Performance improvements for adclient and ldapproxy
  • Updates to OpenSSH, OpenSSL and curl
New Centrify Endpoint Services Features:

  • Privilege management and elevation for PowerShell
  • MFA at login supports 800-53/PCI guidelines
  • Endpoint enrollment no longer requires administrative rights
  • Endpoint enrollment supports Windows 7 and 8.1 (x64)
  • ZSO support for Windows 7 and 8.1

For details see Centrify Cloud 18.8 Release Notes and Infrastructure Services 18.8 Release Notes.

July 28, 2018

What's New in Centrify Cloud 18.7

New Centrify Application Services Features:
  • SAP SuccessFactors: Support for In-bound provisioning
  • Delegated Administration for Apps via Sets
New Centrify Endpoint Services Features:
  • Delegated Administration for Endpoints via Sets
  • Certificate Auto Renewal for iOS, Android & Mac
  • Time Bound Workflow Approval on Mobile
New Centrify Infrastructure Services Features:
  • Privileged Access Services
    • Centrify Agent for Linux - CoreOS Support
    • Enhanced Password Generation Rules
    • Performance Optimizations
    • Remote Access Kit - Host Trust Verifications
  • Privileged Access Service - Customer Hosted
    • Windows Server 2016 Support

For details see Centrify Cloud 18.7 Release Notes.

July 9, 2018

New Centrify Download Center

We are pleased to announce the launch of Centrify’s newly revamped Download Center! Our goal with the new Download Center is to provide our customers with an improved experience to locate and download Centrify software. Click here to learn more.

June 23, 2018

What's New in Centrify Cloud 18.6

End-of-life Notification

This section contains notifications for upcoming termination of apps, features or programmatic access (APIs):

  • Action Required – TLS 1.0 Deprecation
    As part of our mission to protect customers and align with PCI DSS standards, Centrify updated the minimum TLS protocol required to connect to the Centrify Cloud Platform from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.1 as of 18.5. TLS 1.0 support will be deprecated when Centrify Cloud 18.6 is released. Connectors running on machines with Windows Server 2008 R2 or older must upgrade the Connector to version 18.5 prior to the release of Centrify Cloud 18.6 to avoid potential disruptions. Please see this knowledge base article for important details.
New Application Services Features:
  • BambooHR: Support for In-bound provisioning
  • ADP: Enhanced Support for SSO into WorkforceNow
New Endpoint Services Features:
  • iOS Mobile App Management Improvements
  • Centrify Mobile Device Enrollment Improvements
New Infrastructure Services Features:
Privileged Access Service
  • New System Discovery Engine
  • SailPoint IdentityIQ Integration – PAS Access Request
Privileged Access Service
  • Evaluation Mode
New Core Services Features:
  • Improved Language Support
New Features - SIEM and ServiceNow Integrations:
  • Support MSP Use Case – Early Access
  • Support “Request” from ServiceNow

For details see Centrify Cloud 18.6 Release Notes.

June 14, 2018

Announcing Availability of Centrify for Samba 2018

Centrify is pleased to announce the availability of Centrify for Samba 2018 (version 5.50) support for customers who are running Centrify Infrastructure Services 2018. The software can be downloaded from the Customer Download Center. Please make sure you are using the binaries that match your OS platform. For more information about Centrify Infrastructure Services 2018, please refer to the What’s New announcement here.

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