Centrify Identity Service for Mac Documentation

Quick Start Guide for Mac

Explains how to set up the Windows and Active Directory elements that you must have in place before installing Centrify for Mac, and provides a brief summary of the steps for installing and getting started quickly with Centrify for Mac.

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Administrator's Guide for Mac

Explains how to install Centrify for Mac on Mac computers and describes how to manage user, groups, computers, and Zones. This guide focuses on issues and tasks that are specific or unique to a Mac environment.


Release Notes

Release Notes for the Centrify Agent, Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition.

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Administrator's Guide for Linux and UNIX

The Linux and Unix guide contains elements which apply to Mac systems, and it is intended for advanced users. This Guide shows you how to use Centrify software to manage user and group profiles, role-based access rights, and delegated administrative activity for Linux and UNIX computers. This guide focuses exclusively on the management of identity attributes, rights, roles, role assignments, and privileges that apply to Linux and UNIX computers.

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Planning and Deployment Guide

Provides conceptual and technical information to help you plan and manage the initial deployment of Centrify software to provide secure authentication, authorization, and configuration services through Microsoft Active Directory. It includes instructions and best practices for planning a deployment, installing the software, migrating existing accounts, and developing a basic set of roles.

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Group Policy Guide

Describes the Centrify group policies that are available in the Centrify Server Suite for cross-platform access control and privilege management. These group policies allow you to centrally manage computer and user configuration settings through the Microsoft Group Policy Objects.

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Configuration and Tuning Reference Guide

Provides reference information for Centrify configuration parameters. Configuration parameters can be set locally on Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X computers to fine tune the operation of Centrify Server Suite components and subsystems. Centrify Server Suite is an integrated software solution that delivers secure access control and centralized identity management through Microsoft Active Directory. With Centrify software, your organization can improve IT efficiency, regulatory compliance, and security for on-premise, mobile, and hosted resources.

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Deployment Manager Guide

Provides complete information for using Deployment Manager to deploy Centrify Server Suite software. This guide is intended for administrators who are responsible for managing user access to servers, workstations, enterprise applications, and network resources.

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White Paper: Best Practices for Adding Macs to Microsoft Networks

This paper will help answer those questions and explore how Centrify can quickly and easily provide the necessary tools to allow Macs to be managed in the same way PCs are managed today.

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