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IT organizations are increasingly deploying and managing hybrid environments that combine cloud-based and data center infrastructure, while working to mitigate the risk of insider and cyber threats, as well as meet PCI DSS, SOX or other industry mandates and government regulations. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions enable centralized control and visibility over privileged access and simplified compliance to protect against the evolving threat landscape.


Minimize the Attack Surface While Enabling the Business

Today’s organization must control access to hybrid infrastructure, enforce individual accountability and consistently control privileged access to both on-premises and remote users while improving IT productivity.

Implementing a least privilege access model, securely managing shared privileges, and associating privileged activity to an individual are at the root of reducing threats, intentional or not.

The ultimate goal is to minimize an organization’s attack surface. In this context, IT practitioners need to ensure privileged users are who they say they are, govern privileged access through roles and approval workflows, and associate all privileged activity to an individual with shell and process level monitoring.

In addition, IT practitioners are often tasked with assisting in the organization’s audit and compliance efforts, making them even busier than their day-to-day job requires.


Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions are tailored to meet the needs of today’s IT management. With Centrify you can:

Consolidate Identities

Leverage a common enterprise authentication service across on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. Have your privileged users log in as themselves using their unique identity, while federating privileged access for outsourced IT and other third parties to avoid creating new identities.

Reinforce Secure Access to Critical Systems

Combining risk-level with role-based access controls, user context and adaptive multi-factor authentication enables intelligent, automated, real-time decisions on whether to grant privileged access.

Grant Least, Just-in-Time Privilege

Govern access to privileged roles and accounts with approval workflows and grant just enough privilege across Windows, UNIX and Linux systems.

Control Shared Access to Privileged Accounts

Give your authorized internal users, outsourced IT and third-party vendors secure, always-on access to critical shared account passwords while maintaining control over who has access, which passwords they have access to and how those passwords are managed.

Secure Remote Access

Establish privileged sessions to targeted infrastructure without a VPN.

Monitor, Manage and Record Privileged Sessions

Detect suspicious user activity to alert in real time to stop breaches in progress. Monitor and control privileged sessions that leverage shared and individual accounts with full video and metadata capture. Ensure session recordings cannot be bypassed with host-based auditing and avoid spoofing with shell-level and process-level monitoring.

Enforce Accountability and Prove Compliance

Gain visibility across all your privileged activity and tie everything back to the individual by recording and managing a holistic view across Windows, UNIX and Linux servers, and network devices. Leverage out-of-the-box reports for compliance.

Centrify Zero Trust Services presented us with all the centralized privileged user identity management we’d been trying to build for years. It would allow us to eliminate both the hodgepodge of password files that had existed across the environment and the sudo files that had been usurping IT resource time.

Brad Settles, Technical Services Administration Manager, State of Michigan

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