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Security professionals are aware that there is no 100% protection when it comes to cyber-attacks. However, moving from a static, reactive approach to an adaptive, pro-active approach to security decreases an organization’s cyber risk exposure dramatically. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions empower cyber security practitioners to pro-actively block threats and identify risky, abnormal behavior to stop threats in progress.


Address the #1 Cause of Data Breaches

Cyber attackers long ago figured out that the easiest way to gain access to sensitive data is by compromising an end user’s identity and credentials. According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report, 81% of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen, default, or weak credentials. Often these credentials belong to privileged users, providing cyber adversaries the “keys to the kingdom” and providing them a perfect camouflage for their data exfiltration efforts.

The term “hacker” has even become somewhat obsolete. Attackers no longer hack their way in against sophisticated technology, they log in using our own credentials. Once inside, they settle in and fan out, moving laterally to scan the network and hunt for privileged accounts and credentials. Then they elevate their privilege, extract your company’s most sensitive data and get out, covering their tracks so you may not know they were even there for months.

While many security practitioners are aware of this new threatscape, they’re often mandated to still invest in perimeter-based security, which focuses on securing endpoints, firewalls, and networks.

In addition to the misalignment of security investments, cyber security professionals are often overwhelmed by the alerts that are coming their way, making it almost impossible to find the needle in the haystack and prevent attacks in an early stage.


Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions extend beyond the IT management realm and help customers to take the right steps to block bad actors both inside and outside your extended infrastructure to gain access to sensitive data or resources.

With Centrify you can:

Identify Privileged Access Risk

Privileged user access profiles are automatically created based on user behavior, with risk scores assigned to each access request made — across cloud, VPN and privileged resources. Factors that increase risk include access requests from atypical locations, networks, from odd times or an unusual role.

Monitor all Privileged Access Activity

Security teams can view system access, anomaly detection in high resolutions with analytics tools such as dashboards, explorer views, and investigation tools, and replay a recorded session view from the timeline.

Alert to Suspicious Privileged Access Activity

Leverage Slack or existing on-board incident response systems such as PagerDuty to enable real-time alert delivery, eliminating the need for multiple alert touch points and improving response time.

Prioritize and Remediate Suspicious Activity

Gain specific and detailed information about suspicious privileged access activity. Security managers can take immediate remediation action to protect against potential risk or a threat in progress directly from the alert screen, and manually or automatically terminate a session based on the risk.


When you get a clear picture of the breadth of capabilities Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Services provide, you begin to understand just how many security check boxes it ticks. I’m still surprised at the number of issues I was able to address with just this single solution.

Matt Horn, IT Security Operations Manager, GSI

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