Privileged Access Security

Identity & Privilege Management for Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise IT organizations are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud infrastructure with both on-premises private cloud public cloud.  According to a recent report* on the state of the cloud, 95 percent of respondents to the survey are running applications or experimenting with hosted Infrastructure as a Service and 77 percent are adopting private clouds. As a result, 82 percent of enterprises are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy. The report also revealed that the speed benefits of cloud were the top reasons for this growth – faster access to infrastructure and faster time to market.

However, while Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a major component in planning a hybrid environment, many organizations still face a variety of challenges associated with IaaS adoption that impede those speed benefits. Centralized IT organizations cite cloud security as one of the top concerns, along with integration complexities, access and privilege management and app authentication. As more enterprises move toward a hybrid cloud model, these challenges continue to cause delays in workload migration. Organizations need to consider securing both their access to the IaaS management platforms as well as the IaaS virtual machines these platforms manage.

Amazon Web Services with Centrify Identity Platform

Protecting Hybrid Cloud

Centrify provides a comprehensive privilege identity management solution to protect access and simplify enterprise adoption of Infrastructure as a Service. Organizations with servers both on-premises as well as hosted with one or more hosting providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine are protected for both access to the infrastructure hosting platform as well as the servers and applications that are hosted within that infrastructure.
  • Secure authentication for access to AWS Console leveraging Active Directory Group to AWS IAM role mapping
  • Active Directory integration for EC2 instances
  • Multi-factor authentication for AWS console login, EC2 instance login and privileged command execution
  • Lock down root accounts
  • Privileged access request workflow
  • Secure remote access without opening ports on Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Centrify supports the leading Infrastructure Hosting and Management platforms including:

amazon web services

Centrify also supports Hosted Infrastructure Management Solutions including:

Benefits of protecting access to Infrastructure as a Service platforms

  • Controls privileges and rights within the hosting platforms through role management
  • Reduces risk of user impersonation through strong Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Simplified enterprise login to Infrastructure management consoles for employees, contractors and Outsourced IT
  • Control access and privileges on hosted Virtual Machines leveraging your existing Active Directory environment
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*Source: RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report