Privileged Access Security

Secure the modern enterprise by granting both internal and outsourced IT secure, privileged access to hybrid infrastructure.

What is Privileged Access Security?

Privileged Access Security enables organizations to reduce the risk of security breaches by minimizing the attack surface. Centrify’s privileged identity management solutions help you consolidate identities, deliver cross-platform, least-privilege access and control shared accounts, while securing remote access and auditing all privileged sessions.

Manage Hybrid IT

Comprehensive privileged identity management for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Manage Privileged Users

Cross-platform least-privilege access and control of shared accounts

Audit & Compliance

Detailed session recording and comprehensive compliance reporting

Why Privileged Access Security?

The modern enterprise is a blended on-premises and cloud infrastructure, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, with an increasing reliance on outsourced IT. This exposes a greater attack surface, increasing the risk of a data breach. Because the risk of compromised credentials is the single greatest threat to your infrastructure, a new approach to privileged identity management is required — an approach aligned with the realities of the modern enterprise.

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Get users to login as themselves, while maximizing control over privileged accounts

Control access to infrastructure and privileges and enforce individual accountability

Consistently control access to hybrid infrastructure for both on-premises and remote users

Provide a single source for internal auditors to ensure controls are in place across all accounts

Privileged Access Security Solutions

Privileged Identity Management

Consolidate identities, deliver cross-platform least-privilege access and control shared accounts, while securing remote access and auditing of all privileged sessions.

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Federated Privileged Access

Enable secure remote access for outsourced IT administrators and third-party developers to your infrastructure through federated authentication.

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Windows Server Protection

Establish granular user privilege and auditing of access to Windows infrastructure.

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MFA Everywhere

Prevent compromised credentials by implementing multi-factor authentication across every user and every IT resource. Block cyberattacks at multiple points in the attack chain.

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Least Privileged Access

Establish a ‘least privileged access’ model with granular, role-based access to individual commands.

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Secure Third-Party Access

Secure and manage third-party access to corporate systems.

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Centrify Identity Platform

Protect against the leading cause of cyberthreats — compromised credentials — with a complete set of solutions to secure the modern enterprise.

  • All Users: Employees, contractors, privileged users, partners, customers
  • All Apps: Cloud or on premises
  • All Resources: Network infrastructure, outsourced IT, Mac and mobile devices
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