Managing Apple Devices for Business

Mac and iOS devices are in your enterprise. You need to manage these Apple devices, and give your Apple users single sign-on to the mobile, cloud and on-premises apps they need. Learn how Centrify can help you manage and secure Apple devices and users.

Unmanaged Apple Devices Access Sensitive Business Apps and Data
of Apple devices used for work are personally owned
of Apple devices are unmanaged
of Macs access sensitive customer information
of iPhones access to business applications
Companies Risk Data Breaches with Unmanaged Apple Devices
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Centrify Solution: Modern Enterprise Management for Apple
  • Join Macs and iOS devices to Microsoft Active Directory
  • Centrally enforce Group Policy-based security settings
  • Provide single sign-on for cloud, mobile and on-premises apps
  • Enable context-based step-up multi-factor authentication (MFA) globally or on a per-app basis
  • Secure and manage Apple devices just like Windows PCs
  • Enforce security policies including encryption, remote lock and wipe
  • Automate network and certificate management for secure access to Exchange, VPN and Wi-Fi
  • Help ensure only trusted devices and users have access to enterprise apps
  • Push apps to Mac and mobile devices based on user role
  • Manage access controls and single sign-on to mobile, SaaS and on-premises apps
  • Automate user account provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Apple devices can be joined to Microsoft Active Directory
  • User and device policies can be enforced using Group Policy
  • Centrify Identity Platform can also provide full identity, device and application management from the cloud
  • No additional infrastructure is required
  • Choose on-premises and/or cloud-based management
  • Enforce policies for both BYO and corporate Apple devices
The only fully-integrated enterprise solution for managing Apple users, devices and applications across your existing corporate network and beyond

Local Administrator Account Password Management

  • Each Mac endpoint has a unique administrator password
  • Local admin passwords are stored securely in the Centrify Privilege Service
  • Leverages the same solution for Shared Account Password Management for servers
  • Passwords are available for checkout by authorized endpoint administrators
  • Rotation of local admin credentials managed by policy
  • Putting an end to one password for access to all endpoints
  • Ensuring past employees no longer have admin access to all endpoints

Best in Class Mac Application Management

  • Intuitive Apple App Store like enterprise app catalog for Mac users
  • Automatic and silent installation of required software
  • Easy to deploy solution that scales for the global enterprise
  • Empower users to install approved apps while stopping the breach by reducing end user privilege
  • Leverages class leading, widely adopted Munki open source project
  • Greatly simplifies the setup of Munki while ensuring secure access

Centrify teams up with best in class Mac App Management technology, Munki, to deliver a robust, turnkey solution empowering businesses of all sizes to deliver an excellent tool for application and patch management for IT and a great user experience for the end user.

Manage and Secure Apple Devices and Cloud Apps

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