Manufacturing is the second most attacked industry. Hackers are typically financially motivated, and thus focus on industrial espionage. In recent years, cyber-attacks have started to target the infrastructure itself, leading to tampering of the automated manufacturing process itself. Trusted by top manufacturers, Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions help tackle the #1 cause of today’s breaches — privileged access abuse.  

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Secure Access to Your Interconnected Manufacturing Environment

One of the foundational pillars of modern manufacturing processes is Internetworking — that is connecting a manufacturer’s network with other networks, such as those of their vendors and contractors.

While this may simplify conducting business, it allows cyber adversaries even more opportunities to steal sensitive data or disrupt the product process.

Bad actors are often pursuing the theft of trade secrets, blueprints, or designs which can allow a competitor anywhere in the world to create the same products, sell them far cheaper and put the compromised manufacturer out of business.

In addition, manufacturing companies, regardless of size, now can reach markets across the globe — this is a good thing; however, there is the matter of regulations. Organizations must adhere to a wide range of industry standards and check in regularly with several different agencies. An example is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Centrify has you covered when it comes to securing privileged access to your modern manufacturing infrastructure. In addition, Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions help empower your new business initiatives and secure your ever-expanding attack surface. With Centrify, you can:

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