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For Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies, it is mission critical to protect lab books, drug and clinical test data, product formulas and production processes that underlie their patents, trade secrets and know-how from hackers and others. Trusted by the world’s top life sciences firms, Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions help tackle the #1 cause of today’s breaches — privileged access abuse.  


Secure Privileged Access to R&D IP by Employees & Contract Research Organizations

Advanced security services and practices have difficulty making headway in industries like Pharma and Biotech where Web-based systems and internal networks are late in coming. The rate of security adoption in these organizations lag in comparison to industries such as retail and finance.

On the other hand, Biotech and Pharmaceutical firms have tremendous amounts of personal health information. As such from a member and patient perspective, robust privileged access security is not an option, it is a necessity.

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Extend Your Security Beyond Internal Employees

The average Pharmaceutical or Biotech company tends to have very strong internal security relating to their R&D intellectual property. However, this information is often shared with external agencies such as contract research organizations (CROs).

In many cases, the level of security within the CRO is not on par with that of the pharmaceutical company. For that reason, Pharma and Biotech firms need to ensure not only the security of their own internal systems but must also carry out due diligence with the CROs they interact with to ensure that appropriate access security is always maintained in all places.

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Centrify has you covered when it comes to securing your ever-expanding attack surface against privileged access abuse — be it by insiders or external actors. Leveraging Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions help customers secure their intellectual property while assuring secure remote access for their CROs. With Centrify you can:

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