Confidently Go Google Cloud with Centrify

Google Cloud is the best of Google products and services offered to businesses. With Centrify identity and mobility solutions you get stronger security and simplified management across G Suite, Chromebooks for Work, Android for Work and Google Compute Engine.

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Secure and Simplify G Suite

Your organization is adopting G Suite and other cloud apps. You may also rely on Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP or Google Directory for identity management. Centrify Identity Service is an Identity-as-a-Service solution that provides single sign-on (SSO), automated user provisioning, and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) that provides increased security and convenience.

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Embrace Android for Work and Enable BYOD

Millions of people love Android. Now enterprises can too. Centrify Identity Service provides integrated enterprise mobility management (EMM) that supports for Android for Work, making it easy for you to manage and secure Android devices in your organization.

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Deploy Chromebooks with SSO

Chromebooks are a new breed of laptop designed to give your organization the best of G Suite built-in. Centrify Identity Service allows you to deploy Chromebooks using your directory of choice – Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, G Suite Directory, Centrify Cloud Directory or any combination. You can give users SSO to Chromebooks, G Suite and other cloud apps they need to get the job done.

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Secure Privileged Account Access to Google Compute Engine

To take advantage of cost-savings and flexibility, more of your data center workloads are moving to the cloud. Centrify Privileged Service lets you embrace Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with the same robust security you have inside your corporate perimeter. It simplifies management of shared, privileged account passwords to secure administrative access to Compute Engine’s virtual servers.

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Why Use Centrify to Secure Google Cloud

Consolidate identities across the enterprise

Leverage existing identity infrastructure investments

Improve security with SSO and adaptive MFA

Fast track Android and Chromebook deployments

Provide device choice and enable BYOD

Securely manage cloud-based infrastructure