Privilege Elevation & Delegation Management

Grant Just Enough Privilege Across Windows, Linux and UNIX

In a Zero Trust world, an IT organization must reduce the risk of attack by individuals with too much privilege across its entire hybrid infrastructure. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions provide a flexible, fine-grained privilege elevation service that lets your users get work done, reduces risk and makes implementing a just-in-time, least privilege model easy with role-based access controls.


Go Beyond the Vault

Password vaults offer only a basic level of control and limited security benefits. The control is all or nothing, with users either checking out an admin account with full privileges or having none. While this technique was once enough to meet the requirements of basic security mandates, issuing even temporary privileges poses just the same security risks as a full admin account. Regulators are now calling for increasingly granular control, which means that the security bar has been raised.

To overcome these limitations, privilege elevation solutions provide a more robust approach to user privileges by removing them completely and allowing IT administrators to operate under the security of their regular user account. Admin rights are assigned only to the individual tasks, applications or scripts that require them. This granular level of control ensures the number of admin accounts within an organization can be dramatically reduced or eliminated.


Centrify has you covered when it comes to applying a just-in-time, least-privilege approach to your day-to-day operations while making assigning, changing, and auditing privileges easy. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions help increase security accountability by having fewer shared accounts and vaulted credentials. Centrify privilege elevation capabilities allow you to easily assign or revoke privileges for users across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems.

With Centrify you can:

Simplify Least Privilege via Role-Based Access Controls

Least-privilege access gives you strong controls over your users’ privilege and reduces your risk from a range of threats. Centrify’s patented Zones technology provides highly granular, role-based access controls that simplify the implementation of a least-privilege model across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems.

Allow Self-Service Role Requests for Just-in-Time Privilege

Minimize security risk by enabling administrators to systematically request a new role to obtain the rights they need to perform tasks. Access request for privileged roles enables organizations to grant long-lived or temporary privileges and roles with a flexible, just-in-time model that accommodates fluctuating business needs.

Seamlessly Elevate Privilege with Dynamic Access Restrictions

Secure your Windows, Linux and UNIX systems by controlling exactly who can access what and when. Unlike de-centralized, single-purpose tools like sudo, Centrify enables the configuration of dynamic privileges so that users can only elevate privilege at specific times, for a length of time and on certain servers. You can also isolate servers based on time and trust relationships to further protect sensitive data.

Leverage Powerful Tools to Automate Privilege Creation and Assignment

Centrify provides a powerful set of tools to simplify adoption and management of a least-privilege access model. The Centrify privilege elevation service includes tools and APIs to assess identity-related risk, assign pre-defined roles and rights, import existing sudo files, automate the creation of new roles and rights, create reports and meet audit requirements.

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