Privileged Access Management

Secure the Modern Enterprise by Granting Both Internal and Outsourced IT Secure, Privileged Access

The #1 cause of today’s data breaches is privileged access abuse. Thus, Privileged Access Management (PAM) has become vital, as it enables organizations to reduce the risk of security breaches by minimizing the attack surface. Centrify’s Privileged Access Management solutions help customers consolidate identities, deliver cross-platform, least-privilege access and control shared accounts, while securing remote access and auditing all privileged sessions. 

privilege access mgmt

Stop the Breach in its Tracks

The modern enterprise is a blended on-premises and cloud infrastructure, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, with an increasing reliance on outsourced IT.

This exposes a greater attack surface, increasing the risk of a data breach. Because the risk of compromised credentials is the single greatest threat to your infrastructure, a new approach to privileged access management (PAM) is required — an approach aligned with the realities of the modern enterprise.

Let Us Help You

Centrify has you covered when it comes to privileged access management. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions help customers. With Centrify you can:

Consolidate and Manage Privileged Identities

Centrify privileged identity and access management (PIAM) functions allow properly verifying who requests privileged access. This can be achieved by leveraging enterprise directory identities, eliminating local accounts and decreasing the overall number of accounts and passwords, therefore reducing the attack surface.

Manage Privileged Accounts and Sessions

Discover privileged accounts on systems, devices and applications for subsequent management. The privileged accounts are protected by vaulting their credentials. Access to those accounts is then brokered for human users, services and applications. Centrify privileged access session management (PASM) functions establish sessions with possible credential injection, and full session recording. Passwords and other credentials for privileged accounts are actively managed, such as being changed at definable intervals or upon occurrence of specific events. Centrify Secrets Vault can also provide application-to-application password management (AAPM).

Elevate and Delegate Privilege

Specific privileges are granted on the managed system by Centrify Agents to logged in users. This includes host-based command control (filtering) and privilege elevation, the latter in the form of allowing particular commands to be run with a higher level of privileges. This fulfills essential functions of Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM).

Secure Privileged Access to the Hybrid Enterprise

Privileged users are no longer entirely inside the perimeter, nor is your infrastructure. Consistently control access to hybrid infrastructure for both on-premises and remote users.

Reduce Complexity

Control access to infrastructure and privileges, enforce individual accountability where you can, share privileged accounts where you must — and audit across both.

Comprehensive Access Control Compliance

Leverage a single source for internal auditors to prove access controls are in place and working across individual and shared administrative accounts.

Learn how organizations can establish core privileged access controls across their growing attack surface.

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