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Reduce Your Cyber Risk Exposure With Centrify Zero Trust Privilege

The breach culture is upon us and organizations are grappling with cyber security risk tolerance. Centrify enables active risk management for the #1 threat vector – privileged access abuse. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions deliver world-class, preventive access enforcement for privileged users with behavior-based insights, drastically reducing the likelihood of a breach and improving overall risk posture.

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Risk is Security’s New Compliance

Compliance mandates were never designed to drive the IT security bus. They should play a supporting role within a dynamic security framework that is driven by risk assessment, continuous monitoring, and closed-loop remediation. By leveraging a risk-based approach to security, progressive organizations can reduce risk, reduce costs, improve response readiness and increase risk-posture visibility.

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Leveraging Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions, organizations can dramatically minimize their cyber risk exposure of an ever-expanding attack surface. In this context, Centrify offers adaptive, preventive access controls, multi-factor authentication, targeted, VPN-less access, and just-in-time privilege to rule out lateral movements of your cyber adversaries. This is supplemented by risk insights to report on who has access to what, usage insights and identification of potentially risky privileged users and accounts. Risk alerts and event data can be fed to your SIEM or other remediation tools for timely mitigation.

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