Secure your Network Devices with Centrify

Network devices such as firewalls are an often-overlooked attack surface. Default and weak passwords may offer cyber adversaries an attack vector to penetrate an organization’s network without triggering any obvious alerts. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions enable centralized control and visibility over privileged access to these devices.

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Minimize the Risk of Your Network Device Turning Against You

The backbone of modern IT networking is the physical hardware required for communication between devices on a computer network. Manufacturer default and weak passwords represent a risk that is typically not acknowledged by many IT professionals. To minimize the risk of identity-based exploitation, organizations need to include their network device portfolio in the overall attack surface risk assessment process.


Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the ever-expanding threatscape.

With Centrify you can:

Establish Identity Assurance

Consolidate identities to minimize the attack surface, apply multi-factor authentication everywhere and control access through risk-based factors.

Limit Lateral Movement

Establish access zones, grant access based on use of trusted endpoints, apply conditional access controls, and minimize VPN access.

Grant Least, Just-in-Time Privilege

Grant just enough privilege and move towards just-in-time privilege. In the same way as controlling broad access, automate the request for privilege elevation.

Audit Everything

Monitor sessions and analyze the risk of access requests in real-time. Receive alerts and notifications on abnormal user access behavior.

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