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DevOps creates a challenge for many organizations because they need to maintain agility while also recognizing that the DevOps process creates a broader attack surface. Prioritizing functional requirements over security while building applications leaves organizations exposed to significant risk. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions reduce that risk by managing machine identities and access end-to-end across the entire corporate ecosystem, including DevOps environments and emerging tools and services.

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Establish Secure DevOps Practices

The introduction of DevOps practices has led to a revolution in software development. However, as companies adopt these new technologies, tools and methodologies, privileged access management becomes increasingly complex.

Security and operations teams must manage and audit permissions and credentials for a growing number of user and system accounts. Compounding the issue is that traditional methods of securing developer environments involve manual interventions and restrictive controls that significantly restrict the agility of development and operations.

Many DevOps practitioners face the challenge that establishing secure DevOps practices is just a side job, their primary focus is on writing infrastructure code, fixing issues with the build servers, helping to diagnose build failures, helping new developers with issues and getting their environments set up.


Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the ever-expanding threatscape.

With Centrify you can:

Establish Identity Assurance

Consolidate identities to minimize the attack surface, apply multi-factor authentication everywhere and control access through risk-based factors.

Limit Lateral Movement

Establish access zones, grant access based on use of trusted endpoints, apply conditional access controls, and minimize VPN access.

Grant Least, Just-in-Time Privilege

Grant just enough privilege and move towards just-in-time privilege. In the same way as controlling broad access, automate the request for privilege elevation.

Assure Automation and Agility

Avoid manually establishing service accounts for each application. Instead leverage the local Centrify Client that can delegate its own credential. Subsequently, the applications can use the Centrify Delegated Machine Credential to authenticate to the Centrify Privileged Access Service and access its APIs.

Audit Everything

Monitor sessions and analyze the risk of access requests in real-time. Receive alerts and notifications on abnormal user access behavior.

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