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According to a recent report by IDC, they expect spending on cloud IT infrastructure to exceed $110 billion in 2024 and account for 64.0% — exceeding on-premises spend — of total IT infrastructure spend.1 However, when migrating your IT environment to the cloud, it is essential to enforce a consistent privileged access control model across public cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Centrify Privileged Access Management solutions help customers to increase security posture and mitigate risks related to privileged access abuse.

Cloud attack surface

Reduce the Risk of Cloud Transformation

Migrating your applications and IT assets to the cloud can help your organization reduce costs, become more agile, and deliver products as well as services to their customers faster. However, the cyber-attack on OneLogin, whereby an attacker obtained and used highly sensitive keys for the vendor's AWS cloud instance, is just one example of many that illustrates why it is essential for establishing a security foundation in the cloud that is comparable to an organization’s on-premises environments to cover the ever-expanding attack surface.

Especially when considering that 93 percent of organizations store sensitive data in the cloud.

Many organizations involved in new cloud migration projects are challenged with extending their existing on-premises security to the new workloads and ensuring a consistent security “blanket” across the hybrid environment.

Let Us Help You

Centrify Privileged Access Management solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the ever-expanding threatscape. With Centrify you can:

Secure and Simplify

Establish one identity infrastructure across on-premises and hybrid cloud. In this context, Centrify helps you leverage existing investments to secure your cloud-based assets, while satisfying line of business’ demands for agility and faster time-to-market.

Mitigate Threats

Control privileged access, enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) and manage privilege in your hybrid cloud environment.

Monitor and Report Activity

Prove regulatory compliance and simplify forensic investigation of Cloud provider instances.

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