Centrify for NoSQL

The Big Data market is experiencing exponential growth — one analyst predicts it will grow to over $50 billion by 2020. This growth is fueled by an increase in the number of users accessing applications, their high expectations for instantaneous responses, and the sheer volume of data being stored and accessed by applications. Solutions built on NoSQL technology deliver the high-performance required for real time big data applications. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege solutions help customers to secure and simplify these environments through its Privileged Access Management and auditing capabilities.

The Requirements

Solutions that store sensitive and business critical data including customer, financial and personally identifiable information (PII), should be governed by corporate security and compliance policies. Only users with a business need should have access to NoSQL environments, least privilege should be enforced, and activity should be audited to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Centrify for NoSQL

Centrify for NoSQL

Centrify’s integrated solution for NoSQL is an enterprise-grade offering that allows you to leverage your existing Active Directory infrastructure for authentication, while delivering centralized authorization and auditing of access to NoSQL clusters. Centrify also delivers shared account password management and secure remote access for the underlying servers running NoSQL.


  • Secure and simplify NoSQL environments without the hassle of deploying and managing new identity infrastructure. Centrify minimizes costs by eliminating the need for parallel identity management infrastructure — that may not be enterprise ready — and allows you to leverage existing Active Directory skill sets.
  • Mitigate threats resulting from identity-related risks and address compliance and audit requirements. NoSQL infrastructures store your organization’s most important data. Centrify controls access, manages privileges, audits activity and associates everything back to an individual, thereby making your data more secure. Centrify delivers cost-effective compliance with reporting on who has access and who did what across your data environment.
  • Increase productivity and security via single sign-on for administrators and users. By extending the power of Active Directory’s Kerberos and LDAP capabilities to your NoSQL clusters, Centrify delivers authentication for administrators and users.

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