Online Training Courses

Centrify offers online and on-site training classes as well as several free video courses. We strive to provide maximum flexibility to quickly train your staff whether or not they can attend in person.

All classes are available for 180 days from purchase.   

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Online Training Package Hours (est.) Modules Price Data Sheet
Centrify Server Suite Standard Edition Online Training (CTS-CSSE-1CBT) 14+ 17 $500
Centrify Server Suite Enterprise Edition Online Training (CTS-CSEE-1CBT) 18+ 25 $750
Centrify SaaS Administrator - Online Training (CTS-SAAS-1CBT) 1.5 10 $350
Centrify Identity Service and Mac Administration - Online Training (CTS-CISAPPMAC-1CBT) 8.5 5 $600
Centrify DirectAudit Online Training (CTS-DA-1CBT) 6+ 10 $350
Centrify Suite for Mac OS X Online Training (CTS-DCOSX-1CBT) 6+ 10 $350