Ensure Success with Centrify Professional Services

Centrify professional services help to speed deployment, optimize internal resources and maximize your investment. Jump Start Training and Design packages consistently decrease time-to-production by up to 50%.

I valued the senior consultant's enthusiasm and patience in working the problems our unique situation with regards to AD security presented. He was a pleasure to work with. Mark D LaCanne, NASA
Centrify Professional Services is always willing to help figure out the challenges we face and provides us with the solutions and training we need to solve them. Marcus LaPilusa, DST Output
The (Centrify) product that we purchased has made the management of our MACs so much easier. Andrea was a joy to work with and helped us reach every single goal that we had hoped this product would do for us. Now, we use DeployStudio to bring down a preset image and deploy them to the users. No other intervention or post config necessary! Jennifer Guydos, Delaware County Community College