Zero Trust Security: A New Paradigm for a Changing World


Never Trust, Always Verify.

What you’ll learn in this whitepaper:

  • What is Zero Trust Security
  • The four core elements of Zero Trust Security
  • Benefits of Zero Trust Security

A significant paradigm shift occurred in the last few years. Much like other technological shifts of the last decade — when cloud computing changed the way we do business, agile changed the way we develop software and Amazon changed the way we shop — Zero Trust presents us with a new paradigm in how we secure our organizations, our data and our employees.

The Centrify Zero Trust Security model assumes that untrusted actors already exist both inside and outside the network. Trust must therefore be entirely removed from the equation. Zero Trust Security requires powerful identity services to secure every user’s access to apps and infrastructure. Once identity is authenticated and the integrity of the device is proven, authorization and access to resources is granted — but with the just enough privilege necessary to perform the task at hand.

Centrify’s Zero Trust Security empowers your business and protects your customers in ways that go far beyond typical security concerns, addressing challenges such as digital transformation, intersilo finger-pointing and increasing data awareness and insight.