The Path to Zero Trust Starts with Identity

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The concept of Zero Trust is not new. Some call it a movement, while others call it a model. No matter what your point of view, Zero Trust is a reality. Recently, Zero Trust has taken on a larger than life persona fueled by the endless cycle of data and identity breaches in the news, big buzz from vendors preaching their technologies, and the customer rush (and often knee-jerk reaction) to adopt a Zero Trust strategy. 

While there are many references and publications describing Zero Trust, for the most part, they articulate security from a single vendor’s vantage point. This white paper represents the collective experience and thought leadership of the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), which represents over 20 identity and security vendors, and offers a unique and practical approach to understanding Zero Trust. At the core, the IDSA believes that identity serves as the keystone in any Zero Trust based strategy. 

In order to clarify the haze surrounding Zero Trust, we must explain the core principles of Zero Trust from a practitioner’s point of view. More importantly, we need to understand the core technology blocks that Zero Trust relies on, and the benefits it offers in the context of identity-centric frameworks. 

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