Best Practices for Privileged Identity Management in the Modern Enterprise

Best Practices for Privileged Identity Management

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Data breaches continue to be top of mind for organizations large and small. Two key dynamics are making that challenge much harder: the cloud and the growing sophistication of attackers. The modern enterprise is now a hybrid organization with infrastructure spread across on-premises data centers and in the cloud, with IT functions split between internal and third-party administrators. This white paper examines these trends and formulates best practices for managing risks in these areas:

  • Identity Consolidation — managing identities, roles, privileges across heterogeneous resources
  • Privileged Session Management  — the service that manages the privilege session and the video recorder keeping watch over it
  • SuperUser Privilege Management — the privilege elevation tools that enable granular administrative tasks for authorized users
  • Shared Account Password Management — for legacy and emergency "break glass" scenarios where you can't elevate privilege and have to permit direct login as (e.g.) root
  • Secure VPN-Less Remote Access — cloud-based remote access to resources on-premises and in cloud IaaS without a VPN

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