Going Beyond the Vault with Zero Trust Privilege

Going Beyond the Vault with Zero Trust Privilege

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To support digital transformation and cloud workload migration projects, IT is standing up new cloud-hosted infrastructures (Windows/Linux/UNIX VMs and containers) to run critical business applications.

The new challenge for IT is how to secure access to data spread across this hybrid infrastructure.
It raises some very sobering questions:

  • “We have already invested in security solutions. Isn’t that good enough?”
  • “Will my incumbent vault extend to support cloud-based workloads?”
  • “Are there new cloud-centric security challenges that warrant additional PAM security controls?”
  • “Should I complement my vault with host-enforced privilege elevation?”
  • Pretty much without exception, the short answers are “no”, “not very well”, “yes”, and “yes”.

This white paper is a guide to adopting a modern, Zero Trust Privilege stance aimed primarily at companies who already have a legacy on-premises vault. It will also prove invaluable to companies who have yet to invest in a vault to help steer you in the right direction and avoid common legacy-PAM pitfalls.

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