The Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight

Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight

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Today’s businesses are operating in a world of increasing compliance requirements, data management regulations, and government oversight of information interchange.

A steady increase in cyber threats has led oversight agencies to establish more guidance for minimising risk exposure.

In Australia, the Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential Eight is a set of recommended guidelines for mitigating common vulnerabilities and serves as a practical abstraction of the many cybersecurity regulations the Australian government stipulates.

The high-level Essential Eight mitigation strategies are ideal for providing guiding context and are not meant to be prescriptive in their recommendations. In comparison, there are arguably too many cybersecurity regulations worldwide, devised by some 900 oversight agencies issuing more than 200 updates daily.

Organisations are dealing with a wide spectrum of regulations and different mitigation strategies leaving compliance personnel extremely overwhelmed. For example, PCI compliance alone has some 400 test controls making it difficult to even settle on a starting point.

This white paper, The Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight: How to Improve your Compliance Posture with Identity-Centric PAM, helps IT, security.

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