VPN-Less Secure Remote Access

VPN-Less Secure Remote Access

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Current work-from-home requirements have resulted in government agencies enabling entire workforces for remote access. As the FBI and other agencies report, this is a boon for cyber attackers who see this expanded attack surface as a feeding frenzy opportunity.

Agencies of all sizes are at increased risk and need to secure remote access for privileged users, whose identities can allow an attacker to simply walk in the door if compromised. This risk can be mitigated not only for remote internal IT, but also third-party vendors and outsourced contractors using our FedRAMP Authorized solution.

Watch this recording to hear:

  • Why remote access is a particular risk and how to address the threat
  • The vulnerabilities of VPNs and how to overcome them
  • How to secure remote privileged access without impacting productivity
  • Strengthening protection for privileged access with adaptive MFA

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