MFA: Moving the World Beyond Passwords

MFA: Moving the World Beyond Passwords Resources

Andrew Shikiar, the Executive Director & CMO of the FIDO Alliance joined us share how the FIDO Alliance helps reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords, focusing on their latest set of technical specifications - FIDO2.

Tony Goulding, Cyber Security and Product Evangelist and Brad Shewmake, Director of Corporate Communications, with Centrify, share about Identity-Centric PAM, focusing on a core capability – MFA – with a short demonstration on how our customers can now leverage FIDO2 authenticators to provide even stronger identity assurance for use in their data transformation projects.


Brad Shewmake Headshot

Brad Shewmake, Director of Corporate Communications, Centrify

Brad Shewmake is the global director of corporate communications at Centrify.

Tony Goulding Headshot

Tony Goulding, Cyber Security & Product Evangelist, Centrify

He brings over 30 years of experience in security, software, and customer relationship building to the Centrify team.

Andrew Shikiar

Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director & Chief Marketing Officer, FIDO Alliance

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