DevOps and Machine Identities

DevOps and Machine Identities

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Empower your organizations’ cloud and DevOps teams

Nowadays, non-human identities represent the majority of “users” in many organizations. This is especially true in DevOps and cloud environments, where task automation plays a dominant role. Agility and fast-paced changes in today’s IT environment require new means of application-to-application password management. Rather than manually establishing service accounts for each application, the local Centrify Client can delegate its own credential. Subsequently, the applications can use the Centrify Delegated Machine Credential to authenticate to the Centrify Vault Suite and access its APIs. It’s safe, secure, and easy to turn on. This session will provide insights to how Centrify Delegated Machine Credentials can empower organizations’ cloud and DevOps teams.


Scott Englund

Scott Englund

Infrastructure Product Line Engineer, Centrify

David McNeely Headshot

David McNeely

Chief Technology Officer, Centrify

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