Best Practices for Layering Identity Security into DevOps

Best Practices for Layering Identity Security into DevOps

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Securing access to the infrastructure, tools, and applications that DevOps teams use, enabling elastic application configuration via secrets, and authenticating applications and services with high confidence and in automated fashion is often counterintuitive to enforcing identity and access management best practices in these types of environments.

Security is often not the main focus for DevOps, as traditional methods of securing developer environments involve manual interventions and restrictive controls that significantly impact the agility of development and operations. Adding to the complexity, non-human identities assigned to machines, APIs, and microservices nowadays represent the majority of “users” in many organizations.

This webinar explores how DevOps owners can layer identity security into their environment without impacting agility, leaving them to focus on what they do best. Our expert speakers discuss best practices to:

  • Protect DevOps infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines from access-related risks by maintaining continuous visibility into identities, their entitlements, and usage.
  • Provide identity independence across on-premises and cloud environments (public or private).
  • Centralize authentication across applications, DevOps tools, and critical workloads.
  • Modernize DevOps application-to-application password management approaches to simplify and centralize credential management.
  • Assure programmatic access with federation authentication.
  • Scale containerized software up/down in minutes to suit your needs.
  • Centralize authentication for all your apps, resources, and critical workloads.


Tony Goulding

Tony Goulding, Cybersecurity & Product Evangelist, Centrify

Tony brings over 30 years of experience in security, software, and customer relationship-building to the Centrify team.

Andy Smith Heashot

Andy Smith, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Centrify

Smith’s expertise spans twenty plus years and he will drive Centrify’s identity services security products and platform strategy.

Loren Russon

Loren Russon, Vice President of Product Management, Ping Identity

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