Top 3 Urgencies Driving the Adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication

High profile breaches are making headlines weekly, and the number of incidents is only increasing. Many organizations have increased their cyber security spending to protect against the growing number of attacks — however, traditional network perimeter defenses are no longer viable. Attackers are exploiting passwords to gain access to businesses' networks, and take over from within.

We need a new paradigm to stop these modern attacks, but that doesn’t mean we have to start from scratch.

Join Centrify’s Chris Webber to learn about how best to protect today’s hybrid IT environments. Key discussion topics include:

  • Why passwords are inadequate for securing data
  • Trends impacting the need for new security measures
  • How modern MFA has evolved to mitigate today’s risks
  • How to block cyber attacks at multiple points in the attack chain with MFA
  • The balance of convenience and security