The Anatomy of a Hack: Perception vs. Reality


The anatomy of a hack has been glorified and has led to the common belief that data breaches require a tremendous amount of sophistication to “break” through the almost impenetrable perimeter defenses that organizations have put in place.

However, post-mortem analysis has repeatedly found that the source of a hack is often compromised credentials.

The data proves it!

According to a recent study by Centrify, 74 percent of respondents whose organizations have been breached acknowledge it involved access to a privileged account. This number aligns with Forrester’s estimate that 80 percent of security breaches involve compromised privileged credentials.

Watch The Anatomy of a Hack: Perception vs. Reality on-demand webinar to learn about the 3 major phases of the “cyber-attack lifecycle” or “kill chain” and most importantly measures for preventing data exfiltration, including:

  • Enforcing MFA;
  • Using host-based auditing and monitoring; and
  • Leveraging machine learning algorithms to monitor, identify, and alert on high risk activity

Ultimately, understanding hackers’ TTPs provides a roadmap for aligning preventive measures with threats.


Torsten George

Dr. Torsten George
Cyber Security Evangelist