Take Control of Mobile and SaaS


A method for managing access to SaaS applications that's quickly gaining popularity is itself a SaaS application: Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS).

Mobile is driving the adoption of SaaS applications. This is good news for users because they want the latest devices and apps, but it's a management problem for IT managers who have to ensure that users gain productivity without sacrificing business security.

From managing and securing the devices, to dealing with all the "I forgot the password to my favorite app" help desk tickets, mobile and SaaS can be a real time-drain for IT professionals.

Join Windows IT Pro Technical Director Sean Deuby and Centrify Senior Product Marketing Manager Chris Webber as they walk through key considerations for:

  • Single sign-on for SaaS applications using Microsoft ADFS and third-party solutions
  • Making the most of your existing directory
  • Managing and controlling BYOD
  • Reducing tickets from password resets, controlling business application access, and managing BYOD — with no need to build out more infrastructure