Strengthening App Security with Multi-factor Authentication

App Security MFA

Every web-based application we need to use, whether in the cloud or on-premises, requires an account secured with a username and password. But these “traditional” credentials have become the weakest point of defense, offering individuals and enterprises insufficient protection against cyber attacks, data breaches, and follow-on crimes using stolen identities.

With so many credentials having been compromised and made available to attackers, password-based security is no longer effective. Read this best practices brief to learn:

  • How to optimize MFA to strengthen security for cloud and on-premises apps
  • Ways to balance security with usability to make MFA easy, convenient, and scalable
  • Why step up authentication thwarts brute force attacks

Passwords are the weakest link in your security. Learn how to strengthen security with adaptive multi-factor authentication across enterprise identities and resources — without frustrating users.