Overcoming Your Cloud Identity Crisis — 6 Steps to Deploying and Securing Cloud Apps


View the information rated Excellent or very good by 69% of the reviews! The average enterprise uses enough cloud apps that each employee could use a distinct app every day for more than two years. And they’d still have a few left over. Each of those apps is another attack surface that's assigned to unknown users. IT can call fewer than 10% of them “sanctioned apps.” The question of “who are you and what are you doing in the cloud?” has become more and more perplexing.

Fortunately, there are methods and solutions that can put you back in the driver’s seat. Listen to Netskope Product Manager Vairavan Subramanian and Centrify Technical Lead William Greenly give you a detailed assessment of the challenges of cloud apps, and how leading organizations are taking them head on. Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Trends and new industry analysis
  • How to gain comprehensive visibility into cloud app usage
  • Recommended governance policies based on user identity, devices and locations
  • How IT leaders are rethinking security using granular access restrictions for apps and content

Technical advancements that help IT detect and take action on high-risk apps, anomalous behaviors, and security incidents.