Multi-factor Authentication Made Easy

With billions of passwords having been compromised and made available to attackers, we have to assume that password-based security is no longer effective. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can stop the attacks that exploit these compromised credentials, but MFA has historically been cumbersome for both end users and IT. 

Thankfully, times have changed. 

Join Centrify to see how today’s MFA has been made both simple, and secure. The webinar will feature a live demonstrations of MFA across your users, and your IT resources — all from a single platform solution, and all based on IT policy. 

In addition, we will touch on key discussion topics including: 
  • Why passwords are inadequate for securing data 
  • Trends impacting the need for new security measures 
  • How modern MFA has evolved to mitigate today’s risks 
  • How to block cyberattacks at multiple points in the attack chain with MFA