CEO Disconnect is Weakening Cybersecurity


Dow Jones Customer Intelligence Study Finds Majority of CEOs are Misinformed, Misaligned and Misinvesting on Cybersecurity Strategies

What you'll learn in this research:

  • How CEO bias is weakening cybersecurity
  • Where CEOs and Technical Officers are misaligned when it comes to cybersecurity strategies
  • Why CEOs are misinvesting when it comes to their cybersecurity budget

As business models have become increasingly digital, high-profile, reputation-damaging security breaches are grabbing more news media headlines. Leading companies have ramped up their investments in cybersecurity, yet that spending is often not well aligned with actual threats. Studies have shown that server-focused solutions such as network anti-virus, malware detection and website firewalls attract the biggest investments, ignoring the fact that misuse of privileged credentials is by far the most common cause of breaches. The reasons for this disconnect are not well understood, in part because it sits at the intersection of the people and technology domains. 

This survey, conducted by WSJ Custom Studios with sponsorship from Centrify, seeks insights into senior-level thinking on this issue, including current cybersecurity priorities and the perceived degree of alignment between threats and solutions.

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