2019 Zero Trust Privilege Maturity Model Report

2019 Zero Trust Privilege Maturity Model Report

Prevent the #1 cause of breaches… privileged access abuse.

Centrify has announced results of a new report with TechVangelism revealing that the vast majority are confident in their ability to stop privileged access abuse, the leading attack vector. This is despite multiple headlines each week about data breaches, insider threats and phishing attacks, and 52% of organizations surveyed stating they don’t even use a basic password vault for privileged access.

The survey of 1,300 organizations across 11 industry verticals in the U.S. and Canada reveals that most organizations are still taking Privileged Access Management (PAM) approaches that would best be described as “Nonexistent” or “Vault-centric.” Only 21% have a PAM approach that would be considered mature and hardened to protect modern attack surfaces like DevOps, Big Data, containers, and cloud workloads.

In this report you’ll learn about other key findings in the survey including:

  • What the Zero Trust Privilege Maturity Model is and where your organization falls
  • Why Nonexistent and Vault-centric approaches can’t protect privileged accounts in a modern threatscape
  • Key action items to focus on the goal of a mature Zero Trust Privilege approach to PAM

We’ll also provide you with access to two webinars about the report and the Zero Trust Privilege Maturity Model with TechVangelism Founder and Chief Techvangelist Nick Cavalancia.

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