Half Protected is Half Not - Platform Approach to Securing Enterprise Identities


Like the ocean tides and tsunamis flowing inland, cyber attackers will always find the path of least resistance into your protected networks and resources. With the majority of cyber attacks, the research has shown the weakest point is your users and their credentials. And while unfettered privileged access is the holy grail of cyber attacks, often the easiest way for attackers to gain access is through compromised end user accounts.

At the same time, traditional perimeter based security insufficient to protect cloud and hybrid infrastructure, new styles of working, and new ways of connecting remotely. Security vendors offer solutions for parts of the growing identity problem but only Centrify offers a complete platform that gives you full identity security.

In this webinar Corey Williams, Senior Director of Products and Marketing at Centrify will discuss how:

  • The #1 point of attack is compromised credentials
  • Attackers target both end and privileged users
  • Traditional perimeter-based security is not enough
  • Today’s threats require a next-generation identity platform
  • Centrify Identity Platform secures enterprise identities