Equifax: A Cautionary Tale


What you’ll learn about the Equifax breach:

  • Timeline
  • Fiscal fall out
  • The scramble
  • Damages
  • What’s to lose
  • What you should do now

Since the breach, Equifax has been harshly criticized for a number of missteps. First, the company waited several weeks to announce the breach. Many experts feel that once it did make the breach public, it didn’t provide adequate consumer information. At one point, it even forced potential victims to waive their right to litigation (later retracted) if they wanted to find out whether their data was exposed.

These blunders aside, it’s important to understand that clumsy mistakes are surprisingly common. In times of crisis, reason and good judgment are often the first things to go. And while some employees can be counted on to implement an effective crisis plan, others may act in unforeseen ways. It would be wise not to dismiss the possibility of this happening to your organization.

Learn how the Equifax breach unfolded, and how to protect your organization from being the next breach victim.