Security’s Privilege Crisis


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Lower Your Breach Risk by Adopting a Zero Trust Approach to Identity

The alarming frequency of breaches in the face of rising security costs has companies rethinking their security strategy. With compromised credentials as today’s #1 threat vector, identity needs to take the security spotlight.

This ebook helps you assess your company’s identity risk and explores how to lower your risk of getting breached by adopting a Zero Trust approach and increasing your identity maturity. Learn the identity best practices to establish identity assurance, limit lateral movement, enforce least privilege and audit everything.

What you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • Factors behind today’s privilege crisis
  • How your privileged access management strategy stacks up
  • Best practices to strengthen your company’s identity maturity
  • With compromised credentials as today’s #1 threat vector, and the premium hackers place on privileged access, status quo is a treacherous security path to remain on.

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