Centrify Privileged Access Service

Privileged Access Service

Centrify Privileged Access Service

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Over the last years, it’s become evident that cyber-attackers are no longer “hacking” to carry out data breaches ― they are simply logging in by exploiting weak, stolen, or otherwise compromised privileged credentials. To add to this challenge, the attack surface of organizations has changed dramatically. Privileged access nowadays not only covers infrastructure, databases, and network devices, but is extended to cloud environments, Big Data, DevOps, containers, and more. Considering both internal and external identity-based threats, IT organizations must take a first step towards Zero Trust Privilege by vaulting away shared account or application passwords, as well as secrets. With the rise of mobile workforce, outsourced IT, and third-party contractors, it is also vital to secure remote access and avoid infections during remote sessions. The Centrify Privileged Access Service data sheet outlines how organizations can establish core privileged access controls across their growing attack surface.

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