Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service

Privilege Threat Analytics Service

Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service

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Zero Trust Privilege controls need to be adaptive to the risk-context. Gartner promotes CARTA – Continuous, Adaptive, Risk, and Trust Assessment – and it’s absolutely required for privileged access too. Zero Trust Privilege means knowing that even if the right credentials have been entered by a privileged user, but the request comes in with risky context, then a stronger verification is needed to permit access. Modern machine learning algorithms are now used to carefully analyze a privileged user’s behavior and identify “anomalous” or “non-normal” (and therefore risky) activities and apply the proper level of control for the corresponding risk. The Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service data sheets provides an overview of how the service can make the difference between falling victim to a breach or stopping it in its track.

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