Centrify Privilege Elevation Service

Centrify Privilege Elevation

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Enforce Least Privilege Access to Reduce the Attack Surface

Over the past few years, it’s clear that attackers are no longer “hacking” in for data breaches: they are simply logging in using weak, stolen, or otherwise compromised privileged credentials. Once in, they take advantage of the fact that many organizations assign too much standing privilege to their administrative users. This establishes a low-security bar, allowing hackers to spread out and move laterally across the network, hunting for additional privileged accounts and credentials that help them gain access to an organization’s most critical infrastructure and sensitive data. To mitigate these risks, Zero Standing Privileges — a best practice championed by Gartner — means granting users just enough privilege, just-in-time, for a limited duration. The Centrify Privilege Elevation Service data sheet outlines how the service minimizes the risk exposure to cyber-attacks caused by individuals with too much privilege.

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