Best Practices for Securely Moving Workloads to the Cloud


Driven by the promise of cost savings, speed, and scalability, enterprise cloud adoption is surging forward. These types of IT environments have become the rule, and they have brought with them new levels of complexity — not the least of which involve ensuring security. Often, the difficulties organizations face are rooted in misunderstandings of the concept of shared responsibility and a failure to extend the same security protections from their on-premises environment into the cloud.

The penalty for failure is high. Data breaches in the cloud due to misconfigurations and user credential abuse have increased in the past few years, and the resulting costs of the ensuing customer churn, incident remediation, and reputation damage remain significant.

In this environment, enabling the secure migration of workloads to the cloud empowers businesses to seize the advantages provided by cloud computing without compromising security or compliance. Doing that successfully, however, requires a security strategy supported by effective identity and access management (IAM). In this white paper, we will discuss how businesses should approach migrating data and applications safely to the cloud, and the strengths and shortcomings of the strategies many enterprises are using today.