Adopt Next-Gen Access to Power Your Zero Trust Strategy


Forrester Study Reveals That 58% of Global Enterprises Have Experienced a Breach in the Last 12 Months

In April of 2018, Centrify commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate identity and access management (IAM) practices and technology adoption among large enterprises. Their report found that:

  • 58% of organizations have experienced a breach in the last 12 months
  • 67% of all enterprise resources are exposed to access-related risk
  • Adopting a Zero Trust approach is the best strategy to control access to enterprise resources
  • Next-Gen Access (NGA) technologies enable the layers necessary for a successful Zero Trust strategy
  • Organizations that adopt NGA tools experience significant improvements to both the top line and bottom line results for their organizations

Security breaches are now commonplace — 58% of organizations have experienced at least one in the past 12 months. As a result, IT security leaders are urgently scrambling to defend attacks at every entry point.

Worse yet, traditional approaches to security, based on the notion that you can keep out the “bad guys” out while letting in the good guys, have proven ineffective.  Access control strategies that focus on separating trusted from untrusted users are missing the whole point. Mobile proliferation, reliance on outsourced partners and cloud technologies, and the regular occurrence of insider attacks mean that there is, in fact, no such thing as a trusted user.

Any identity and access management (IAM) strategy must rest on the assumption that no user or device can be trusted—Forrester calls this concept Zero Trust.

In April 2018, Centrify commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how Zero Trust practices influence the state of IAM today among large enterprises. Forrester specifically examined the necessity of access control, and how a Zero Trust strategy allows for access control at speed and at scale.

In conducting 311 surveys with IT security decision-makers in both North America and the UK, Forrester found that organizations deploying Next-Gen Access (NGA) tools—tools that control access based on Zero Trust principles—were significantly more confident meeting access control challenges than the rest of the market, allowing them to reduce overall risk while increasing organization-wide agility.