Dynamically Isolate and Protect Cross-Platform Systems

Secure sensitive information by dynamically isolating and protecting cross-platform systems. Protect data-in-motion through port-based, end-to-end encryption.

By leveraging your existing Active Directory infrastructure and the native IPsec support built into today's operating systems, the Centrify Server Suite seamlessly blocks untrusted systems from communicating with trusted systems — all without the need to change your network or applications.

Centrify Server Suite improves adherence to regulatory compliance initiatives and provides an additional layer of policy-driven protection against network attacks for mixed Windows, Linux and UNIX environments. Centrify enables you to:

  • Deter threats from rogue computers by preventing "untrusted" systems — systems not authenticated via a PKI certificate or a Kerberos ticket from Active Directory — from establishing communication with "trusted" systems.
  • Protect against insider threats by restricting access and dynamically segmenting your network with tiered access and tighter control over who can access groups of systems.
  • Enable optional end-to-end encryption of data-in-motion.
  • Automate certificate provisioning on Linux and UNIX with a client for Microsoft’s certificate server that can be managed by Group Policy and secured via Kerberos.
  • Cost-effectively extend your Active Directory infrastructure and host-based network protection functionality to Linux and UNIX.