Multi-factor Authentication for Servers

Reinforce Secure Access Policies with Step-up Authentication

Login credentials are more valuable than ever to both businesses and hackers. As the number of remote workers increases and the adoption of diverse infrastructure and applications continues, it is imperative to implement a multi-factor authentication plan. By configuring a second authentication factor requirement into your security policies, attackers are unable to misuse your accounts without possessing the physical device or email address needed to complete the authentication process.

Centrify Server Suite provides role-based Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) utilizing its unique zone-based policies, leveraging Centrify Identity Platform for step-up authentication services.  Roles can be configured to require MFA for Windows, Linux and UNIX system login or privilege elevation to prevent unauthorized access.

Centrify Identity Platform provides authentication profiles with a selection of authentication methods, such as the Centrify Mobile Authenticator, one-time password (OTP) delivered by SMS or email, phone call to a user’s Active Directory published phone number or security question.

Servers communicate securely with the on-premises Centrify Cloud Connector to request the multi-factor authentication process via the Centrify Identity Platform.


  • Extra layer of security for users logging into Windows, Linux and UNIX systems or who require privilege elevation
  • Flexible choices for MFA authentication challenges
  • Guard against cyberthreats to prevent access to valuable data
  • Reinforce zone-based policies with additional multi-factor authentication
  • Keep accounts secure even if your passwords are compromised