How It Works

Centrify Server Suite streamlines your IT infrastructure by consolidating existing identity stores into Active Directory, enabling centrally managed authentication, access control, privilege management and identity policies for heterogeneous systems across the enterprise.

Robust administrative tools make it easy to deploy, configure and manage the Centrify solution, and additional utilities automate the process of identifying identity-related risks, rapidly migrating identities into Active Directory, managing policies and generating reports.

Rapid, non-intrusive installation and deployment

After installing Centrify Server Suite management tools, start Deployment Manager to discover non-Windows systems, install Centrify components and begin consolidating identities into Active Directory.

Integration with Active Directory provides an added benefit for users and administrators: true single sign-on access to devices, applications and services.

Using Centrify Server Suite does not require having software installed on the domain controller, making changes to the Active Directory schema to store UNIX identity data or retraining administrators. Users seamlessly elevate privilege without having to go through a portal.

Scalable configuration and management

When all your critical systems are joined to Active Directory, you can set up your Centrify Zone–based management model to simplify identity, computer and policy management across servers—Windows, Linux and UNIX—through patented inheritance capabilities that enable scale. With Zones you can:

    Automate migration of complex and fragmented UNIX identities into Active Directory

    Build a simple but flexible hierarchy for managing user privilege through policy

    Securely and efficiently delegate administration of user privilege and systems

Simplified privileged access management

Implementing a least-privilege access model is easier using Server Suite’s features to create and apply role-based privileges across Windows, Linux and UNIX servers. Use the Access Manager console to configure roles granting privileged users limited capabilities over a subset of resources. After configuring roles, you simply assign them to Active Directory users and groups.

Privileged access is managed at a very high level of granularity, but without disruption to users who continue to log in as themselves and seamlessly elevate privilege.